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Davi Sings Sinatra – On the Road to Romance to be released in Australia and New Zealand

Robert’s chart topping album will be released in Australia and New Zealand this coming April, in preparation for his upcoming Australia concert dates. ABC records will be releasing the album, and promoting it nationally through all channels, including the ABC television network and radio network. Davi Sings Sinatra – On the Road to Romance, made it into… Read more

Davi App in the Works

A Robert Davi app is currently in the works. This will be a great way for Davi fans to keep “all things Davi” in one compact place on your mobile devices. Best of all it’s going to be available for FREE on iTunes.  We’ll let you know when it’s ready to launch.

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Robert has been incredibly busy during the last twelve months. No less than nine movies featuring Robert will be released throughout 2014, Including a wonderful cameo in the highly anticipated “Expendables 3” franchise. Robert just recently completed filming a guest role on the popular crime series CSI. With more concert dates being planned, new recordings in the… Read more

New Pictures in the Gallery!

We’ve posted some new pictures of Robert and friends in the Gallery. Click here to view them!

Robert Davi Talks THE ICEMAN, Working with Frank Sinatra, Ties between Show Business and Organized Crime, His Singing Career and More

Robert Davi turns in a killer performance in Ariel Vromen’s crime thriller, The Iceman, portraying Leo Marks, a character inspired by Anthony Gaggi, the captain of the Gambino crime family.  Opening in theaters on May 3rd, The Iceman chronicles the life of notorious hitman Richard Kuklinski and starsMichael Shannon, Winona Ryder, Chris Evans and Ray Liotta.  In powerful roles that range from a James Bond villain… Read more

Live Music: Robert Davi at Vibrato Grill Jazz…etc.

Robert Davi made a return visit to Vibrato Grill Jazz…etc., Wednesday and Thursday nights.  And, once again, Herb Alpert’s elegant jazz club was overflowing with enthusiastic listeners eager to hear singer/actor Davi’s engaging tribute to Frank Sinatra. The timing couldn’t have been better. Wednesday, December 12, was Old Blue Eyes’ 97th birthday.  A year ago, Davi celebrated… Read more

The Top Five: James Bond Villains

As famous as Agent 007 remains after four decades at the movies, many of his nemeses remain equally well-known. Typically, Bond films don’t work very well if the villains don’t measure up; if they don’t present the audience some electric jolt suggesting that Bond — and the world itself — might truly be in danger. We have… Read more

The Many Facets of Robert Davi: Actor, Singer, Writer, Director and Patriot

Robert Davi (left) has one of those faces that people always seem to recognize — one of those faces that cause people to walk up to him and point their index finger as they try to recall how they know him. Then they realize they know him as Jake, the Fratelli Brother who sang opera in The Goonies, as… Read more

A night with Robert Davi…in the house Sinatra built

A couple of months back, I was presented with the opportunity to catch Robert Davi’s headline act last Friday night at the Venetian and jumped at the chance. Experiencing Robert’s passion play On The Road To Romance tribute to Frank Sinatra in any venue would be great. Getting a chance to see him perform on the hallowed… Read more

Davi Sings Sinatra: A Journey To Vintage Vegas Guided By A Master

If you Google “Las Vegas entertainment” you’ll get thousands of links to shows. Many of these shows claim to bring back the vintage vibe that made the city famous for its entertainment in the 60’s. You’ll also get lots of entertainment where people impersonate the entertainers who frequented the city then, most especially the Rat… Read more