Robert Davi performs at FOX THEATER September 5, 2015

Few in Hollywood have made the transition from actor to singer so naturally, eloquently and passionately as Robert Davi. His debut album – Davi Sings Sinatra…..On The Road To Romance – shot to an unprecedented number 6 on Billboard Magazine’s Jazz Chart within weeks of its October 2011 release.You likely recognize Robert Davi, the actor,… Read more

Stage Whispers: On The Road To Romance

It’s easy to be cynical about the central premise of “Davi Sings Sinatra” – history is filled with musically limited actors who have used their fame in another medium to get what amount to embarrassing vanity projects off the ground (Bruce Willis’ “The Return Of Bruno” or William Shatner’s “The Transformed Man” anybody?). Also, Frank… Read more

Adelaide Cabaret Festival: Hollywood tough guy Robert Davi sings Sinatra and shows off his softer side

Some performers play their greatest hits. Robert Davi starts this show by playing his greatest hitmen: clips of the various tough guys he has portrayed on screen, from Bond villains to Mafia mob bosses. Heck, the Hollywood actor even says “shoot’’ when he wants his musical director to start the next song. He saves the… Read more


He is probably best known for his tough guy roles in films such as Die Hardand License to Kill, but performer Robert Davi’s first love is music and this month he puts that talent to good use in a tribute to one of the world’s best loved singers, Frank Sinatra. It seems particularly fitting that Davi should take… Read more

Adelaide Cabaret Festival Review: Davi Sings Sinatra: On the Road to Romance

For film-goers and TV watchers, Robert Davi needs no introduction. Famed for his roles in the films Die Hard, Predator 2and the James Bond film Licence to Kill,  he has gained a cult following. His rugged features have kept him in good stead whilst playing the most evil of baddies. Those who have re-watched his films multiple times may be… Read more

INTERVIEW: The Clothesline Chats with Robert Davi

The name Robert Davi is synonymous with his bigscreen tough guy roles from License To Kill, Predator 2 and Die Hard, and he has also appeared on television shows including Criminal Minds, Profiler and Stargate: Atlantis. But, unbeknown to many, Davi has a talent for crooning jazz; a love of music which began at a… Read more