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Actor Robert Davi’s new debut album clinches Billboard’s Top 10

November 19, 2011, LOS ANGELES, CA – In less than a month of its release, actor and recording artist Robert Davi’s new debut album – “Davi Sings Sinatra: On the Road to Romance” – today soared onto Billboard magazine’s prestigious Top 10 popularity chart, placing sixth in the traditional jazz category.

The people-powered album had been climbing rapidly as women between the ages of 35 and 64 began contacting radio stations nationwide asking programmers and show hosts to identify the man singing such ‘feel good’ tunes as “I’ve Got The World On a String” and “Day In, Day Out.”

Within two weeks of its October 24 release, both Davi’s and the late Frank Sinatra‘s fans were scorching radio request lines, asking to hear more of Davi’s music.

The powerful album was backed by a 30-piece orchestra and recorded at Capitol Studios in Hollywood, the same place where Sinatra made history.

According to music genre guru Don Graham, Davi’s CD was highly anticipated to be a major hit due to the performing artist’s expert delivery of the classics.

“They just can’t seem to get enough,” said Graham. “Robert has the chops and everyone knows it.”

Following the CD’s official release party at The Grove recently, fans from the world over stood in a long line to become the first group to get its hands on the CD — an autographed one at that.

Graham said hundreds of radio stations from coast to coast are currently playing Davi’s music, made evident by the CD’s rapid rise to Billboard’s most-played songs in the United States.

Classic music enthusiasts just can’t seem to get enough of the affable actor, known for such blockbusters as “Die Hard,” Licence to Kill” and starring in his own NBC series, “Profiler.”

Davi’s fanbase proved just this week it will wait for as long as it takes to hear the booming, yet consoling articulation of a man whose tone and tongue have dominated radio request lines across the nation.

Since its debut, a growing number of selections from the hauntingly alluring CD have briskly become sizzling items on the hundreds of radio stations now broadcasting the virtuoso’s interpretations of Frank Sinatra’s classic music styles.

During a regional radio blitz, Davi’s fans worldwide waited faithfully for this ambassador of The Great American Songbook to share the airwaves with Brad Chambers.

Chambers is the prominent and vibrant host of “Martini in the Morning,” an internet radio show that bridges its listening audience to some of the greatest songs ever written by American composers.

Due to the tyranny of burdensome freeway traffic that often plagues motorists in the second most populous metropolis in the United States, the normally punctual Davi was tardy by nearly 30 minutes as his driver negotiated unforeseen bottlenecks and other unexpected strangleholds.

The wait was well worth it.

As Davi hop-scotched around a close-fitting lineup of interview sessions, the famous fedora hat and the handsome man wearing it found another welcoming home in his quest to help mend America through chorus.

While pressing economic and political issues continue to gnaw away at the daily lives of American citizens, Davi detailed an urgent need to help raise the concerted hopes and dreams of the working class by taking music lovers to a more pleasant mental and emotional retreat – in a similar and familiar manner performing artists of bygone years aided in lifting the defeated spirit of those who struggled through the Great Depression and World War II.

The core reason Davi’s new CD has become such a hot item is perhaps best described by the actor, who personally composed a special message tucked compassionately inside the album’s right pocket.

“The Great American Songbook is America’s Shakespeare, the golden age of American music,” wrote Davi. “My humble mission as a singer and interpreter of this songbook is to help reinvigorate the spirit of America, the spirit that makes it the greatest country in the world.”

As “Davi Sings Sinatra: On the Road to Romance” enjoys its journey into history books, some analysts say the album could become one of the best renderings of a musical tribute ever produced.

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