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Adelaide Cabaret Festival Review

Presented by Adelaide Cabaret Festival
Reviewed: 9 June 2014

For film-goers and TV watchers, Robert Davi needs no introduction. Famed for his roles in the films Die HardPredator 2and the James Bond film Licence to Kill,  he has gained a cult following. His rugged features have kept him in good stead whilst playing the most evil of baddies.

Those who have re-watched his films multiple times may be surprised by his foray into musical theatre. A protégée of worshipped crooner Frank Sinatra, his show Davi Sings Sinatra is an ode to his mentor. Showcasing his potent skills, Davi delivers proof that versatility in the entertainment world is a precious commodity one should always harness.

Pledging to sing tracks from the Great American Songbook, Davi doesn’t set out to impersonate Sinatra. What he successfully does is to emulate the power and emotion of Sinatra’s vocal style by re-injecting the passion to his songs. Come Fly with MeNew York, New York are given a fresh rendering by Davi’s powerful delivery.

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