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Davi Sings Sinatra: A Journey To Vintage Vegas Guided By A Master

If you Google “Las Vegas entertainment” you’ll get thousands of links to shows. Many of these shows claim to bring back the vintage vibe that made the city famous for its entertainment in the 60’s. You’ll also get lots of entertainment where people impersonate the entertainers who frequented the city then, most especially the Rat Pack. Some of these shows are fine, fun trips down memory lane. But Davi Sings Sinatra, in the Venetian Hotel and Casino showroom this weekend, is much more.

No, Robert Davi is not merely “fine” or “fun.” Fully titled Davi Sings Sinatra: On the Road To Romance — A Tribute to Frank Sinatra, the Great American Songbook and America, his show is a performance by a master.

A classically trained singer with a long list of film and television credits as actor and director, Robert Davi ‘s first love is music and he is a student of Frank Sinatra and of American popular music.

Robert Davi is absolutely not an impersonator. He is a tribute artist in every sense of the word. He got his start in film with Sinatra in Contract On Cherry Street. He explains to the audience that he grew up in an Italian home “where we had two figures you looked up to — the Pope and Frank Sinatra.”

Davi says, “[Frank Sinatra] sang the kind of music that translates to any nationality and any age.” His repertoire of Sinatra’s music bears witness to that claim.

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