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Davi Sings Sinatra

You may know Robert Davi from Die Hard, The Goonies, as a Bond villain, or from the prime-time series The Profiler. Those who keep late hours may have seen him on Fox News Channel’s Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld; Davi is out as a Hollywood conservative. But did you know he sings Sinatra? He has cut his first CD, Davi Sings Sinatra: On the Road to Romance. He is both pretty good at it and is having the time of his life. He talks about it to National Review Online.

KATHRYN JEAN LOPEZ: Isn’t acting enough? Why sing too?

ROBERT DAVI: While acting is rewarding, one is still limited by the part one plays. When I sing, I am able to express much more of who I am; it is a fuller expression of self and closer to who I am. A great composer once said, “music is the closest to the absolute.”

LOPEZ: Are you sick of being the bad guy?

DAVI: I played a good guy for four and a half years in The Profiler and also the film I directed and starred in that won nine awards, The Dukes. So while I played a lot of bad guys, I have played a good guy longer. But as long as it is an interesting, textured character, I like playing them.

LOPEZ: What’s so special about Sinatra?

DAVI: He was the greatest entertainer of all time, the voice of several decades. His contribution to music is as significant as Picasso’s was to art. And the socio-political contribution he made set the standard; he was one of the first stars to come out against anti-Semitism and racial bigotry. The effect he had on all media was staggering.

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