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‘Feel good’ music officially makes a comeback, says top radio tracker

STUDIO CITY, CA – Long before the rising sun begins to peek over the hugging mountains of the ‘entertainment capitol of the world,’ music genre guru Don Graham is already heating up multiple phone lines.

For hours on end, the celebrated promoter and analyst, with a healthy coif of hair as platinum as his resume, engages in spirited dialogue with radio producers and program directors nationwide.

Graham, 77, starts his ambitious day at 5:30 in the morning with a jovial attitude and an incandescent, ready-made smile that seems to illuminate the immense collection of celebrity posters and promotional photographs that wallpaper his nostalgic office.

Graham remains in influential company as he goes about his rat-race of a day.

A consummate professional, he is surrounded and embraced by some of the more iconic recording artists in the adult standard radio industry.

Singers and musicians, who have recently released a new album, rely on the founder and owner of Progressive Music Marketing for focused purpose and direction.

The 55-year veteran of the radio music industry makes certain these stellar artists maintain their spot at the top of the adult standard radio rainbow by assuring them successful airplay attention from coast to coast.

Graham said he reaches out to as many as 30 radio stations daily to make it so.

On the day international celebrity news photographer Eddie Jung paid Graham a visit, all the buzz was about radio request lines across the nation currently on overload since world renowned actor and recording artist Robert Davi‘s debut CD – “Davi Sings Sinatra: On the Road to Romance” – was released last October.

Hundreds of radio stations across the nation are currently playing Davi’s new CD.

Graham said this recent onslaught of airplay appeals, mainly from women between ages 35 and 64, is sound evidence that Davi’s effortless and crystal clear interpretation of such classics as “I’ve Got The World On A String,” and “Day In, Day Out” has brought back ‘feel good’ music with fervor.

“It’s a cyclical thing,” said Graham, whose list of credits includes high-profile positions at Tower RecordsWarner Bros. RecordsA&M RecordsBlue Thumb Records and United Artists Records.

“During this time of economic and political upheaval, Americans want to hear uplifting, positive messages through song and that’s what they’re asking for to get them through the day.”

“Every track [on Davi’s new CD] is worthy of airplay,” wrote Steve Ross, president of The Good Group, a New Jersey-based company that has since recommended Davi’s rendition of “Witchcraft” and “Summer Wind” to play on the many radio stations it represents.

“[As soon as I began playing [Davi’s] CD…listener response was just what I expected it to be,” said Gary Houser, a talk show host on KABI-AM in Abilene, Kansas. “They love it.”

Added Paul Richards, program director at Farmingdale, New York’s WHLI-AM:

“The fresh arrangements, the really cool orchestrations and Mr. Davi’s spot-on deliveries make this album a true keeper.”

Graham is preparing to field an avalanche of requests for live radio and television interviews over the nation, throughout Canada and across Florence, Italy, where Davi trained in opera.

Davi’s fans in the UK are also asking for the famous actor’s attention, particularly in London, England, where Davi is consistently popular because of his memorable role in “Licence to Kill,” a James Bond major motion picture.

Now Davi’s worldwide supporters want to know more about the actor who stands tall on the cusp of becoming the king of the adult standard radio empire and a savior of The Great American Songbook, a historical construct of some of the greatest songs ever composed.

“Robert’s album has become an overnight sensation due to his honest phrasing of the lyric and the terrific arrangements,” said Graham. “He takes listeners to a better place and time.”

Some radio listeners say thanks to Davi’s unique style and passion, a spirit of hope is being restored across the nation in a tidal wave of conviction.

Romance has become a contagion. It is springtime in November. People are falling in love all over again.

“Let’s face it. No one is getting married to rap songs,” said Graham. “And no one is writing songs like this anymore. Once good, always good.”

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