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Robert Davi Talks THE ICEMAN, Working with Frank Sinatra, Ties between Show Business and Organized Crime, His Singing Career and More

Robert Davi turns in a killer performance in Ariel Vromen’s crime thriller, The Iceman, portraying Leo Marks, a character inspired by Anthony Gaggi, the captain of the Gambino crime family.  Opening in theaters on May 3rd, The Iceman chronicles the life of notorious hitman Richard Kuklinski and starsMichael Shannon, Winona Ryder, Chris Evans and Ray Liotta.  In powerful roles that range from a James Bond villain to an FBI profiler, Davi has made a career out of playing tough guys both on the big screen and on television, and he’s worked with some of the most respected actors in Hollywood.

At a highly entertaining roundtable interview, Davi discussed his character, the appeal of the genre, getting his start in the business with Frank Sinatra in Contract on Cherry Street, the enduring ties between show business and organized crime, rubbing elbows with made men at Café Roma, and winding up on the cover of the LA Times Magazine in a feature article entitled “The Mob Goes to Hollywood.”  He also talked about launching his professional singing career, headlining The Venetian in Las Vegas, his new album Davi Sings Sinatra:  On the Road to Romance, and the script he recently finished writing.  Hit the jump to read more.

Robert Davi:  Let’s get out the cards and the chips and let’s play.  Now that’s a round table!  That’s how they should do these damn things.  Wouldn’t that be good?  Play some cards, at least have a couple of rounds, see how everybody is, ask the questions.  Next time I’m going to think of that.

Question:  We could bring in a humidor and some cigars.

Davi:  Cigars might bother some people, especially now that I’m singing.  I’m laying off those cigars. 

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