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The Many Facets of Robert Davi: Actor, Singer, Writer, Director and Patriot

Robert Davi (left) has one of those faces that people always seem to recognize — one of those faces that cause people to walk up to him and point their index finger as they try to recall how they know him. Then they realize they know him as Jake, the Fratelli Brother who sang opera in The Goonies, as the villain Franz Sanchez in the Bond filmLicense To Kill, as FBI agent Bailey Malone on the TV series Profiler or from any of his more than 100 other movies and television shows dating back to 1977. Yes, Davi is certainly a familiar face. But, even though he’s accomplished a great deal as an actor, he’s much more than that familiar face.

Robert Davi is many things. Sure, he’s an actor, but he’s also a singer, writer, producer and director. Not incidentally, this father of five children aged 11 to 28, is a very proud, activist American.

While he seems to get cast mostly as tough guys, Davi’s bio on IMDB says, “His tough exterior masks a powerful inner sensitivity, which he calls upon for his most notorious roles.” If you are tempted to take that as the kind of line that is PR overstatement, as I did at first, just watch The Goonies. There’s scene about an hour into the film where the Fratellis — Davi, Joe Pantoliano and Anne Ramsey — are questioning poor Chunk, a kid who’s as frightened as it’s possible to be.

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